Secure Online Voting

VotingEmblemUnion Voting is the first and only eDemocracy platform designed exclusively for Canadian unions, offering Internet and telephone voting that meets the world’s most stringent standards for security, privacy and transparency.

Union Voting is a joint initiative by Union Calling, Canada’s leading provider of voice communication services to unions.



To ensure vote secrecy, information is never sent in clear text and vote decryption is carried out by breaking the correlation between the voters’ identity and the votes, which guarantees voter privacy.


Votes are encrypted and digitally signed in such a manner that fully protects them against manipulation.


A multi-layered security system allows only one vote per digital signature, which is verified by an Electoral Board that can determine if someone has voted but not how they voted.


Union Voting allows voting by paper, telephone or Internet, with integrated security measures for each method.



Union Voting allows members to vote from home, on the road, or at voting locations designated by the union. An election can be conducted over a specified period of time, with precise poll openings and closings.


You can conduct a vote in as many languages as you choose.


Voting outcomes are available virtually instantly, as soon as the polls close. Results can be announced after the supervisory body has verified them.


Union Voting is very cost-effective for the union. Many of the costs associated with traditional paper balloting and location-dependent voting are reduced or even eliminated.

Union Voting is even more cost-effective for union members. The time taken to travel to polling locations and all the associated transportation costs simply disappear.

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