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Union Calling is dedicated to strengthening unions through the innovative use of telecom and online voting technologies.

We pioneered new, union-friendly applications of voice broadcasting. We developed lightning-fast automated polling of members and the general public. We made virtual union “town hall” meetings easy for leaders to conduct. And we are the only company in North America that offers secure online voting exclusively to unions.

Contact us personally to discuss your needs. Take advantage of our years of experience serving hundreds of local, provincial and national unions across Canada. Naturally, we are a Union Shop and proud of it.

Automated Polling Evolution

Union Calling is now offering advanced automated polling services. This technology has grown to the point that it can accomplish all of the objectives of live polling at a fraction of the price.

PollingHere are some of the features which now make this possible:

  • Inbound polling (direct number and/or left on voice message)
  • Multiple Choice Response questions
  • Multi-digit input questions
  • Voice Response (Open Ended) questions
  • Hot Transfers
  • Response Rotation (randomization of multiple choice responses)
  • Question Rotation (randomization of Item Groups)
  • Detailed Reporting

If you are considering membership or general public polling, contact us for details on these advanced features. Our prices will remain the best in the business and the accuracy and reach of your polling will be state-of-the-art.

a_global_meeting_place_lgExecutive Town Hall Meeting

Union Calling is now offering the full functionality of our town hall platform to be used for all your conference call needs. This will be particularly useful for conference calls of a geographically-dispersed Executive Board or similar group. Finally, you can have a conference call without people talking over each other.  There is a maximum of 50 participants and they will have the same ability to ask questions and respond to polls as they would in a Union Town Hall, at a highly competitive price. Participants can call in using a toll free number or we can call them at a client-specified time with an invitation to participate. You would receive our standard detailed report and an audio recording of the meeting.

Image of headphones and soundwave isolated on a white background.Union Town Hall Audio Streaming Feature with PowerPoint Integration

Union Calling is now offering Audio Streaming in conjunction with a Union Town Hall. This allows members to participate using a computer, smart phone or tablet. They would have the ability to type in a question, respond to poll questions and listen to the event. You also have the ability to cast PowerPoint slides or jpeg images. Currently, this feature has a maximum of 2000 participants. The URL participants would link to can be sent out using email, social media, your website or by an announcement call.

Union Town Hall High Capacity Toll Free Line


When conducting a Union Town Hall it is always preferable to have most of the membership on the line before you begin the formal meeting. This is difficult to achieve in a timely way with larger events as the Canadian telecom system in many areas of the country just can’t handle the speeds at which we want to dial. Union Calling’s new high capacity line, however, can handle 20,000 inbound callers for any event, which allows you to bypass dialing altogether. This means you can begin your event at a precise time with the confidence that all who wish to participate can call in and connect at essentially the same time.

sms-6-xxlShort Message Service (SMS)

To reach members’ smart phones with text messages, Union Calling now offers an SMS service. Recipients need to opt-in to allow you to contact them by SMS.

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