About Us

Founded in 2004, Union Calling is a young, energetic Canadian company dedicated to helping union leaders effectively connect with members in the most humanly satisfying way: by voice. We are a union shop and we only work for unions, their allies and other progressive organizations.

LinkMembersThe idea for Union Calling was inspired by a comment during a focus group from a union member. Asked her opinion about her local union president’s leadership ability. She replied: “I don’t really know. I don’t even know what he sounds like. I’ve never heard him speak.”

She’s no exception. Many union members have never (or seldom) heard the sound of their leader’s voice. Union Calling dramatically changes that fact, literally in minutes. In the process, a new and deeper connection between membership and leadership is forged. Confidence in the union is enhanced. Solidarity is given a sharper focus. Inevitably, more good things happen to benefit the members.

We began by broadcasting messages from leaders to members. It wasn’t long before one client asked: “Can we use this technology to survey our members?” So we turned Union Calling into a two-way communications tool.

Union Calling is ultimately about stronger unions, which means fairer, safer workplaces and more equitable and democratic societies. We’re doing our part to help advance these goals, one call at a time.