Automated Polling

Union Calling automated phone polls are faster, cheaper and more flexible than traditional live interview methods, and just as accurate


Research suggests people respond at least as honestly to automated polls as they do to live interview polls, possibly more so. There is a well-documented tendency in live interview polling for respondents to give more “socially acceptable” answers, especially on sensitive topics. Other reasons Union Calling automated surveys are as accurate as live interviews:

  • All respondents hear exactly the same voice asking the same question in exactly the same way. There is no “interviewer bias.”
  • Unlike with live interviewers, respondents feel no pressure to answer recorded questions quickly. They can have the questions repeated as often as they wish.
  • Respondents also feel no pressure to complete the survey if they lose interest partway through it or something happens in the home that distracts them. They can hang up at anytime without feeling impolite. In a live interview situation, those whowant to “get it over with” may give less thoughtful responses. Read more on the accuracy of automated phone polling.


HelloFor your membership surveys, you can present different questions to different bargaining units, different genders, different age or seniority groups – whatever you decide. You can even offer a choice of languages, something no live interview survey firm can do. The most popular membership survey topics:

  • Bargaining priorities
  • Satisfaction with union services
  • Health and safety issues
  • Problems with management
  • Social/Political attitudes

For general public polls, you can also measure differential responses of groups with different demographic profiles. Unions use Union Calling to determine public opinion on contentious issues or to measure the degree of public support the union would have for its positions, e.g. maintenance of public services.

In only one hour, Union Calling can call as many people as can fit in Toronto’s Rogers Stadium: about 50,000. If only two percent responded to your survey, the results would be highly reliable.


  • STOPWATCHPolling design and programming can be done in as little as one business day for short membership surveys (1 to 4 questions). Public surveys can be achieved in as little as two business days.
  • Once your survey is programmed and you approve it for release, you can call your members or the general public tonight and get the results tomorrow. It can be that fast.
  • Union Calling’s high capacity – as many as 50,000 calls per hour – is many times greater than the capacity of even the largest live polling firm.


  • Live interview polling is too expensive for most unions – as much as $40 per completed survey.
  • An accurate poll can require between 450-1000 respondents.
  • A typical Union Calling survey of 6 to 8 questions costs around 15% of live interviewing, often less!
  • For pennies per member, you can leave a voice message for those who did not answer the phone, telling them that you called for their opinion and hope to reach them next time. “Hi, it’s Terry Martin, President of Local 1234. I’ve called all our members tonight to ask their opinion on health and safety conditions in their workplace. Sorry I missed you…”

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