Virtual Town Hall

TownHallEmblemUnion Town Hall is an exciting new way for union leaders to communicate with members and the public in the comfort of their homes. Talk live by phone to hundreds, even hundreds of thousands of people, take questions, allow comments, and even poll them on union-related issues, with instant results. It’s like a radio call-in show, but better!

  • You choose the audience. Call all or part of your membership, or the general public
  • You have full control over the program. You decide when it begins, when it ends and who gets “on air”
  • Get real-time feedback with instant poll results
  • Participants can leave you voice messages after the meeting
  • Webcasting available if you want to add visual content to your meeting
  • Have guest speakers address your meeting from anywhere on the planet
  • All or part of your meeting can be recorded and posted on your website

There are many ways to use Union Town Hall to engage your members and the public. Here’s just a few:

  • Contract proposal meetings
  • Educating members about key workplace issues
  • Explaining a settlement and answering members’ questions
  • Organizing drives: keeping those who have signed cards up to date and motivated
  • Calling the community about a union-related issue. With Union Town Hall you can even call into specific postal codes
  • Sponsor all-candidates’ debates during elections with your members asking the questions

Union Town Hall is surprisingly affordable, especially compared with the cost of conducting location-specific meetings. And the results are dramatic! Get an estimate.

Union Town Hall is a service of Union Calling, North America’s only voice messaging service that exclusively serves unions and allies. We are a Union Shop.

For more information, call us at 1.866.293.5705 or read our Virtual Town Hall brochure HERE.