Voice Broadcasts

BroadcastEmblemUnion Calling’s Voice Broadcasts are unique and powerful leadership communications tool. If something is happening that your members should know about, you can quickly send them an informative and motivating phone message, at a fraction of the cost of print. You can also find out how your members feel about important issues, through a Union Calling automated phone poll.

To lead you must be heard. To lead well you must also listen. Union Calling can help you do both effectively, no matter how many members you represent, no matter how dispersed they are.
Join the growing number of union leaders using Union Calling to personally and inexpensively communicate with their members – and get feedback from them – on issues where understanding and solidarity are key to success.

How To Use Union Calling Guide – 3 EASY STEPS

 BroadcastIllustrationGetting the most of out Your Callouts

Since 2004, Union Calling has broadcast thousands of messages to millions of union members. We listen to and edit each message, then send it to the client for approval before the callout. After the callout, we provide statistics that help measure the success of your call.

The following Union Calling advice on sending memorable messages to your membership is based on more than ten years’ worth of listening, editing, consulting and statistical analysis. Read our brochure by clicking HERE. Simply click on the links below read useful informaiton on:

Composing Your Message

♦ Take just a minute of your members’ time

♦ State your reason for calling upfront

♦ When announcing a meeting or event, do it twice

♦ Direct members to your website

Recording Your Message

♦ Rehearse your message out loud
before recording

♦ Talk a bit slower and louder than in
normal conversation

♦ Give Union Calling 2 or 3 takes to work
with in editing

♦ If you make a mistake, no need to go back
to the beginning

Timing Your Callout

♦ Is there a “best” time to call?

♦ Accommodating shift workers

♦ Giving advance notice for meetings and events

♦ Aiming for answering machine or
voice mail delivery

♦ Should we call members on the weekend?